Formed in November 2006, Dream Weapon Ritual is the duo of Simon Balestrazzi and Monica Serra.    

They play free-form music that draws equally from droning electronica soundscapes and imaginary folk visions.

Monica primarily sings and plays kaoss pad, while Simon primarily plays laptop and various small stringed instruments, although both also employ old synthesizers and various electronics, amplified sound objects, toys, live sampling tools, small percussion, and whatever they can get their hands on.   

Simon Balestrazzi is an electronic/electroacoustic composer and sound artist active since the 80's. He released many albums and performed live around Europe under various names. Monica Serra is a talented actress whose artistic research led to double as vocalist since 1999. Both are members of the long-lived Italian cult band T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata).


Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewalk

1st Dream, 1st Ritual

"Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewalk" started as a multimedia performance with the collaboration of visual artist Elisabetta Saiu, whose video, projected on tulle screens accompanied each staging.

It has been premiered in March 2007 at Lenz Teatro, in Parma, for "As A Little Phoenix" festival.

A slightly different version has been staged in Cagliari in occasion of the dance festival "Autunno Danza", November 2007, at Teatro Auditorium Comunale.


2nd Dream, 2nd Ritual

In November 2008, for the third edition of “Signal”, an experimental music and multimedia festival held in Cagliari, Dream Weapon Ritual premiered "Singer", a live-set whose only sound sources are human voice and an old sewing machine.

A CD release of the “Singer” soundtrack is due very soon.

Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewalk

CD digipack - TiConZero TCZ010

1st Dream , 1st Weapon

01. Black Forest Myth

02. 23 Visions Of Light Appear

03. Dead Things Always Come Back

04. Zero Growth

05. Little Angry Birds

06. Comfortably Nested

07. Traveling Without Maps

08. Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewalk

Dream Weapon Ritual:

acoustic and electric guitars, Alesis airFX, amplified objects, assorted small percussion, birdcalls, bows, crotales, EMS VCS3, mandolin-banjo, NI Reaktor and Spektral Delay, Plogue Bidule, sarod, toy microphone and tape recorder, toy psaltery, ukelin, zurna and voices

all sound material was improvised in five sessions recorded between January and February 2007 and subsequently at various locations lovingly culled, edited and overdubbed between May 2007 and

October 2008

recorded and produced by Simon Balestrazzi.  all music by Balestrazzi/Serra

Released: February 2009

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The duo contributed the track "Excerpts From The Mysteries of E." to "OEC100 / The Old Europa Cafe" (the 25th Anniversary Box), a seven CD compilation-monstre celebrating the 100th release of the Friulian label and featuring among others bands as Black Sun Productions, Gerechtigkeits Liga, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Kallabris, Rapoon, Sacher Pelz, Troum and Voice of Eye for a total of 101 contributors.

DWR track was recorded in November 2007 at NeuroHabitat (in exhile) and was perfomed and assembled by Simon Balestrazzi (electronics, prepared toy bandura) and Monica Serra (voice, kaosspad).

From Somewhere Else

download - Radical Matters RMWE072

01. A Different View From Somewhere Else pt.1

02. A Different View From Somewhere Else pt.2

Dream Weapon Ritual:

digital processing, prepared toy psaltery, cümbüş, electronic tanpura, Kaoss Pad and voice

recorded and mixed June/July 2009. 

Released: June 2010

free download from RADICAL MATTERS

Another View

mCD - Magick With Tears  mwt04

01. Unending Green Waves

02. Big Hungry Birds

Dream Weapon Ritual:

vocals, prepared toy psaltery, cümbüş, classical & electric guitars, VCS3, electronic tanpura, Kaoss Pad, Plogue Bidule and N.I. Reaktor

recorded by Simon Balestrazzi

produced by DWR 

Released: forthcoming (April 2011)