Simon Balestrazzi

Born 1962 in Parma, Italy, Simon Balestrazzi is a

post-musician, sound designer and sound engineer.

Aged fifteen, he quit any formal musical education to purse

his own experiments with self built instruments and

primitive reel to reel tape recorders.

In 1981 he co-founded T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata), a long-lived and outstanding Italian band operating on the border between experimental music,

leftfield rock and post-industrial and still active to

these days.

Between 1986 and 1988 he created the dark-chamber ensemble Kino Glaz and in 1991 he joined well know band Kirlian Camera, with whom he worked for seven years releasing several albums and performing live throughout Europe. Relocated in New York he graduated in sound engineering at the Institute of Audio Research.

Back to Italy in 1998 he relocated to Cagliari where he currently lives and works, focusing on site-specific installations, dance and theatre soundtracks and where, after  a few years hiatus, he has reactivated T.A.C. releasing three new albums.

In the very same town he also started several groups, as ESP, Deep Engine and Qaumanek and he is a regular member of electro-acoustic improvisation ensemble MOEX. Moreover in 2005 he participated to Barcelona LEM festival with the new project Electrified Ether, a duo with tabletop guitarist Sara Aresu.

In November 2006 he also formed the duo Dream Weapon Ritual with actress and singer Monica Serra (also from T.A.C.)

He has so far performed live or recorded with the following musicians and groups:  Corrado Altieri,Paolo Angeli, Alberto Balia, Bron Y Aur, Alberto Cabiddu, Giampaolo Campus, Marco Cappelli, Elia Casu, Fabio Cerina, Mattia Coletti, Silvia Corda, Sylvie Courvoisier, Bruno Dorella, Max Eastley, Forbici Di Manitù, Henning Frimann, Gerstein, Tim Hodgkinson, Xabier Iriondo, Kind Of Cthulhu, Limbo, Elio Martusciello, Patrizia Mattioli, Metaform, Ikue Mori, Clara Murtas, Victor Nubla, Alessandro Olla, Adriano Orrù, Parts, Stefania Pedretti, Antonio Piga, Maja Ratkje, Paolo Sanna, Signorafranca, Damo Suzuki, Stefano Tedesco, Thelema, TH26, Giorgio Vivaldi e Z’EV.

His music has been used for dance, theatre, movies, advertising, exhibitions and by RAI for television and radio programs.

Among the several forthcoming releases still in the works, noteworthy is “Treasure Hunt”, an improv project by a quintet also featuring Sylvie Courvoisier, Alessandro Olla, Ikue Mori and Maja Ratkje (

Dream Weapon Ritual will have their new mCD, “Another View”, out on Magick With Tears next April.

A new solo electronic album titled “The Sky Is Full Kites” is ready right now but still waiting for a label...

The first release by the duo Sarang, with old time TAC partner and former Forbici Di Manitù member Enrico Marani, is on its way to completion.

Due by late May 2011 is also his contribution to the cassette series “Collezione Del Silenzio” for the italian label Silentes (

Finally, Sometimes Records ( is about to release for the first time on CD “Senza Titolo”, the very first T.A.C. cassette release (1982), fully restored and remastered and with several bonus tracks.


T.A.C. - Senza Titolo (Anschlag, Italy - 1982) cassette

T.A.C. - Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata (Azteco Records, Italy - 1983) LP

T.A.C. - Ouvrez Vos Auditifs Canaux (Azteco Records, Italy - 1985) LP

T.A.C. - Il Teatro Della Crudelt‡ (Azteco Records, Italy - 1987) LP

Kino Glaz - Al Passo Con L'Arcangelo (ADN, Italy - 1988) LP

Kirlian Camera - Schmerz (Heaven's Gate, Italy - 1991) mCD/7" 45rpm

T.A.C. - Pioggia Su Carne Di Cavallo (Heavenís Gate, Italy - 1992) 3” mCD

Kirlian Camera/Andromeda Complex - Split (Heaven's Gate, Italy - 1992) 3"mCD

Kirlian Camera - Eklipse Zwei (Discordia, Germany - 1993) mCD

T.A.C. - A Circle Of Limbs (Cthulhu, Germany - 1993) CD

Kirlian Camera - Erinnerung (Discordia, Germany - 1994) mCD

T.A.C. - Hypnotischer Eden (Discordia, Germany - 1994) CD

Kirlian Camera - Elysian Fields (authorised live bootleg, Germany - 1994) CD

Kirlian Camera/Dive - Obsession (Discordia, Germany - 1994) mCD

Kirlian Camera - Solaris - The Last Corridor" (Discordia, Germany - 1995) 2xCD

T.A.C. - La Nouvelle Art Du Deuil (Discordia, Germany - 1995) CD

Kirlian Camera - Schmerz - reissue + extra tracks (Discordia, Germany - 1995) CD+7"/45rpm

Kirlian Camera - Your Face In The Sun (Discordia , Germany - 1996) mCD

T.A.C. - Apotropaismo (Old Europa CafÈ, Italy - 1997) CD

Kirlian Camera - The Ice Curtain 1980-1998 (Nova Tekk, Germany - 1998) 2xCD

T.A.C. - Waiting For The Twilight (Small Voices, Italy - 2002) CD

Deep Engine - Solid Blue Silence (Small Voices, Italy - 2003) 7”/33rpm Picture-Disc

T.A.C. - Twilight Rituals (Small Voices, Italy - 2003) CD

T.A.C. - Open The Bloodgate/La Notte Di Pan (Small Voices, Italy - 2003) 7”/33rpm Picture-Disc

T.A.C. - Splintered (Small Voices, Italy - 2004) CD

Bron Y Aur - Millenovecenrosettantatre (Wallace, Italy 2007) CD

Clara Murtas & Simon Balestrazzi - Cras (Sarditinera, Italy 2008) CD

Dream Weapon Ritual - Like A Tree Growing Out Of A Sidewalk (TiConZero, Italy 2009) CD

Simon Balestrazzi - The Darkest Holler (Radical Matters, Italy 2009) download  [LINK]

Simon Balestrazzi - The Darkest Holler SS (Radical Matters, Italy 2009) download  [LINK]

Balestrazzi/Eastley/Olla/Z’EV - Floating Signal (TiConZero, Italy 2010) CD

Dream Weapon Ritual - From Somewhere Else (Radical Matters, Italy 2010) download  [LINK]

Simon Balestrazzi - A Rainbow In My Mirror (Magick With Tears, Italy 2011) mCD

A Sphere Of Simple Green - Untitled Soundscapes (Magick With Tears, Italy 2011) mCD

Main collaborations and productions:

Kind Of Cthulhu - Wadjiwing (Azteco, Italy - 1986) LP

Limbo - Vox Insana (Dune/Contempo, Italy - 199?) LP/CD

Kirlian Camera - Todesengel - The Fall Of Life (Heavenís Gate/Discordia, Germany - 1991) CD

Gerstein - Sucker (Misty Circle/Purity, Italy - 1993) LP

Limbo - Evirazione Totemica Seriale (Dune, Italy - 199?) CD

Thelema - The Vision And The Voice (Musica Maxima Magnetica, Italy - 1994) CD

Parts - Tools Of Sound (Heavenís Gate, Italy 1994)

Le Forbici Di Manitù - Trivelogue (Staalplaat, Netherland - 1995) CD

Metaform - Plays Discordia (Discordia, Germany - 1996) CD

Monophon - Monophon (Spare Parts, Italy 1998) CD

Limbo - Cospiratorium: The Ice Line (Energeia, Italy 1999) CD

Kirlian Camera - Absentee EP (Radio Luxor, Italy 2000) CD

Kirlian Camera - Kalte Container (Radio Luxor, Italy 2000) box 2xCD + book

TH26 - La Haine (Small Voices, Italy 2002) CD

Machina Amniotica - Intricata Transitoria (Small Voices Distribution 2003)

asaf 288 - Oblivious (Small Voices, Italy 2003) CD

Bron Y Aur - Quien Sabe? (Wallace, Italy 2003) CD

Le Forbici Di Manitù - Tagliare (Small Voices, Italy 2005)

Medusa’s Spell - Mercurial Behaviour (Cold Meat Industry, Sweden 2006)

Plasma Expander - Plasma Expander (Wallace/Here I Stay, Italy 2007)

Fortun De Sarau - Ethic Music From Sardistan (Tajr‡, Italy 2007)

Medusa’s Spell - Last X Hours (Cold Meat Industry, Sweden 2008)

Monosonik - Mechanical Fluxus (TiConZero, Italy 2010) CD

He is moreover present with T.A.C., Dream Weapon Ritual, Kino Glaz and Kirlian Camera on beyond 50 international compilations released in Italy, Germany, France, U.S.A., Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Czech Republic and Taiwan.